I always meant to get this business cards printed.   But it appears that I am just being a little lazy or extremely lazy.  I could drop them everywhere.  That's an awesome way to advertise right?  But who knows, now that I have some stuff up on the blog maybe I will make the venture to go through with this.  But in the meantime I have other minor plans for things to post.  I have an obsession/infatuation with Instagram, there is a ton of sick skaters, designers, tattooers, toy collectors and everything else.  It's a void that I can't get away from.  But to ensure that I am being productive I am going to pull ideas that aren't so new but picked up from Instagram, yea it's not so original but hey if it gets me to be more productive so be it.  I always loved "Throwback Thursdays" and it could be posts of my first steps and how I have grown.  Sounds like a good plan.

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