What is design.......

So I wish I could say that I use this motto on a daily basis.  But I don't.  I am pretty good at just winging it, I am all for the Lines, Shapes, Colors and Text to help spur a moment of inspiration.  You can even call it seeking that "Ah-ha" moment.  Those are great from trial and error.  But I like the look of this and am pretty stoked on the colors.  Can't say that it had a purpose, more so I saw something that inspired me to create something that was pretty similar.  Here's to hoping that 2013 will continue with these moments.

Bring on 32

So I made this for my wife for her 32nd birthday.  She has come up with this concept of "Bring on 32" and has been using it all over Instagram and all that social media stuff.  I have to say that I am quite proud of this.  Maybe it's the colors, maybe it's for my arrows.  But something about this struck me.  I thought that it would have ended up like a typical text poster but this has turned out way better than I had anticipated.  The only bad part is that I cannot show it to her until her birthday.  But since this was posted until then I guess it has worked out ok.  I love you wifey. Bring on 32.