1+2+1+2+1+2= 9 Days to Go.



I recently made a belated entry for a Straight Edge Calendar. I had an idea but it was just to messy and flowed horribly. So I went back to the basics, why is it that I always forget the basics. Well, I am excited for the calendar either way, even if this doesn't make it. It just felt good to finally create something, fuck slumps.


Moo Mini Cards

I was so excited to get these form Moo in the mail.  I love this Mini Cards.  They are such an awesome size and great quality paper stock.  I felt like I had to make some changes to the look of this blog but now it's time to start handing them out!


Healthy Food & Water

I made this for the wifey for her room in school.  There were some other posters but for some reason this is my favorite.  Heres to hoping that they turn out awesome printed!




Supposedly it is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.



I yanked this from DumbLucky's Instagram.  The CDs that I made for him and Linus for the Def Letter release got printed!  They look great, I am so stoked for them.  5.1.12


Social Introduction

CD that was made for Dumb Luck & Linus Stubbs under their moniker Def Letter.  Their CD release is just around the corner and I wish the best for those guys.  I am glad that it turned out this well.  Can't wait to do more CDs,  I have done some in the past but I would love to get into one that has a full book layout.  Would be a fun experience to come up with an amazing outcome.



I have been feeling kind of nostalgic today.  Maybe it's because of listening to new music or it just be because it's nice weather.  Who know but either way I'll take it.  She Fights Alone logo I did when I was in a shitty hardcore band.  It was an amazing time and a lot of fun.  Always in hindsite do you realize what you could have done to be that much better.  But atleast we recorded some songs and played some shows.  But I created a previous logo that was....well let's be honest, it wasn't my favorite but something that I did come up with pretty quickly to have some recognistion of what the band was.  But while the band split into hiatus I was always continuing to delve into trying other ways of doing logos.  Logos are by far the hardest thing for me to work out.  There are some amazing logos with a lot of thought put into them.  It is just something that I have always tried to figure out and strive to getting better at.  But the second reincarnation of the logo was more of an experiment to see if my idea would pan out to look pretty good.  It did look far better than the previous and the experiment proved to be something that I could possibly end up using in the future.

But the Wasatch Back Softball Tournament is something that I am really proud of.  For those of you who do not know about Wasatch is that this is a play on the Wasatch Front which is where this was for.  I am huge sucker for slanted logos and for me I wanted to create something that was bold.  Also it had to have the ability to switch and change colors easily if needed and still maintain the same aesthetic value.  I am super stoked on the way that it turned out and for logos being part of the process that is harder to conquer it turned out to be a pretty solid logo.


Insert Handout

I really love this design.  That is why I posted it today.  I made it for my friend Pat who I've known since we were kids.  They used it when they went on tour to hand out.  Sadly I didn't end up with a hard copy if they printed any.  But nevertheless I am still pretty stoked on the overall outcome.



I always meant to get this business cards printed.   But it appears that I am just being a little lazy or extremely lazy.  I could drop them everywhere.  That's an awesome way to advertise right?  But who knows, now that I have some stuff up on the blog maybe I will make the venture to go through with this.  But in the meantime I have other minor plans for things to post.  I have an obsession/infatuation with Instagram, there is a ton of sick skaters, designers, tattooers, toy collectors and everything else.  It's a void that I can't get away from.  But to ensure that I am being productive I am going to pull ideas that aren't so new but picked up from Instagram, yea it's not so original but hey if it gets me to be more productive so be it.  I always loved "Throwback Thursdays" and it could be posts of my first steps and how I have grown.  Sounds like a good plan.